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Girls and Boys Club

Just Like Me Camp

The upcoming final performance will be at the Ritz Theatre

August 1, 2019

About us

As a 501c3 arts education organization, we look for innovative ways to share the power of the performing arts with all!

We provide scholarships to those who may not otherwise be able to afford classes, offer free or reduced rates for studio space for programs to benefit the underserved populations and create special tailored programs for those who may never experience the passion of the performing arts.

We are dedicated to sharing the power of the performing arts with the entire community.

We are committed to helping individuals find their passion for the performing arts– especially those who may not otherwise be exposed to its power.

It is our belief that the performing arts provide a safe and healthy outlet for self-expression and should be available to everyone. We recognize the benefit of the arts and its ability to change lives within the community.

We are a hub for performing arts education and development, with performance and studio space available and accessible for citizens of all ages and backgrounds in Northeast Florida.

The Team


Kathryn McAvoy

Executive Director


Ebony Payne-English

Managing Director

2017-06-18 22.58.42

David McCray

Music Producer


Dwight Moore

Audio Engineer

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Summer Camp

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Summer Camp


Summer Camp


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