Performers Project

The Performers Project

The Performers Project is an artistic platform of self-discovery for teens designed with the purpose of providing therapeutic collaboration and academic enrichment. As supported by national studies over many years, arts can be an outlet to empower and aid teens. This program is a testament of how project based performing arts can be used as a resource to assist students through current social matters, life experiences and academic goals. Transferable skills gained through arts education can be translated and integrated for critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, social awareness and self-discipline. The arts provide a tangible and interactive process to procure knowledge in creative ways.

The Performers Project is an outbound program that takes the arts into different communities.  Many of our students reside in foster care homes. Out of the 100 foster kids we serve 68% are African American, 25% Caucasian 7% Hispanic. All of which are from impoverished communities in the Jacksonville area 15% have be incarcerated while 25% are currently going through outpatient substance abuse programs.

100% of our 2016 Just Like Me Cultural Arts Experience attendees categorize as “at risk youth”, We maintained a 94% overall project completion rate as well as an 85% overall program retention rate. 90% of attendees categorize as minorities, 33% of attendees were African American males between the ages of 14-17. We maintained a 100% program retention rate within that demographic and 100% project completion rate. We facilitated more than 72 programming hours of project based arts as therapy disguised learning curriculum. 5% of participants identified as LGBTQ and 100% project completion as well as 100% program retention rates were obtained with this demographic.

The strength of our Performers Project program lies with our collaboration with Family Service Support of Northeast Florida. We’ve been recognized by various organizations for our work with Performers Project ventures. Our methods have been recognized with a national award from the Center for the Study of Social Policy as well as one from the MHRC (Mental Health Resource Center).

We pride ourselves in our ability to forge relationships with local art instructors, students and organizations. We are working in conjunction with Family Support Services of Northeast Florida and their agencies: Children’s Home Society, Baptist Children’s Home, Daniel Kids, and Jewish Family Community Services. The Performers Project also provides on-site services for various group homes.

Making a Difference

This years goals

we aim to help as many underprivileged children possible to come to truly experience the arts first-hand

we are deeply committed to empowering local groups and organizations who have a desire to enrich our city utilizing the performing arts

How can you help?

The Performers Academy, as a 501c3 arts education organization, provides scholarships to those who may not otherwise be able to afford classes, offers free or reduced rates for studio space for programs to benefit the underserved populations and creates special tailored programs for those who may never experience the passion of the performing arts. Therefore, we would be extremely grateful if you were to donate so that we can continue doing what we’re doing.

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